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The voice of the forgotten ones -Chibok girls

The cry of my sisters and friends ring daily in my ears; what is our fate? Are we to be forgotten as if we never existed? Are we to be used as bait? Our future is already at stake,we are suffering the unknown,our lives is in jeopardy,we wonder if they even care to come to our aid anymore.
  We are not easily recognized individually but we know that each of us have a part to play on the surface of this earth, just like each star in the firmament is recognized for it’s quality ,we as young girls are unique gems which are irreplaceable.
We are traumatized by people we ought to call father but they behave so lowly as beast-boko haram.
     Fathers and Mothers of our Nation Nigeria we plead with you to come to our rescue, right now our lives are on a pedestal,Most of our dreams are dashed,it’s taking too long… we’re loosing hope.
     Daily the security insurgencies is getting to a critical point,Save us.
      Do not forget me,Do not forget us,we’re daughters in our households,our parents are worried sick concerning our safety. Our tender minds wonder far ,with the hardship and stress we find it difficult to keep believing . Our hearts bleed please come to our rescue.
      Nigeria our Nation do not forget us,
      Nigeria our homeland do not forget us,
      Nigeria our Motherland your daughters wail for help,
      Nigeria our own we do not want to be forgotten come to our             rescue.