My former choral director some days ago asked me a question that jolted me back to reality. The question goes thus ‘Righteousness now that you have grown up what next’? I wondered what he meant by that, so I began to reason and I remembered that back then as a little child I had always wished to be treated as an adult, I never thought of all the responsibilities that came with adulthood. So after adulthood what next? What do you intend to achieve now you have gotten to the stage of maturity-the stage you’ve always desired?
       People think adulthood is all about freedom, freedom and freedom all the way…oops sorry to burst your bubbles but it isn’t about freedom but it’s more about responsibility. Are you responsible for the people around you, the things in your community or better still do you take responsibilities for your actions. Life starts in birth and ends in death in between this period there is a dash {-} so what do you intend to achieved in between this period? Would you be happy if you eventually live this world with the legacies you’ve created or haven’t? Would people be glad they came in contact with you? If your response to the above questions is yes, then good for you but if it’s no then friend it’s not too late to turn a new leave, start now to put up lasting edifices that will remain when you’re gone. Nevertheless come tangible impact cannot be made if you lack the one who makes all things worthy of their worth-JESUS. Jesus Christ is love and love makes all things beautiful, so if you have not heard about him he is the savoiur of the world, the one who gives meaning to life. So dear invite him into your life and start creating impact in people’s life.
Happy new month


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