Archive | February 2015


Life is not always lived happily ever after, but the moments we get with loved ones that we must cease.
Chances come and go but your duty is to hold on to it like its your last, you never know what might happen next,the regrets that might follow….


So for the love of taking risks cease chance you get cause you don’t want to look back and say i wish i had done this,i wish i had done that Rather you should look smile and say I’m glad  i made that decision, I’m glad i took the leap, I’m glad i followed my heart and ignored my fears…


I remember when i was in primary school, till today i can’t figure out exactly what was wrong with me but i know i never had any primary school pictures that remaindered me  of my school mates…yeah you can imagine. I didn’t have that cause i was shy timid,afraid, reluctant. Looking back at the days gone by I’ve made up my mind to take whatever chances i get cause it might just be the only one.