Things I like

1. I like Jesus Christ.( He is my hope and my reason to live, he gave me love when no one else would).
2. I like the smell of a new novel. (I could buy a novel just to perceive that nice fragrance).
3.   I like watching movies on my laptop alone. (I prefer not to be interrupted by any questions).
4.   I  like buying new books even if I don’t read most of them. (funny)
5.   I like babies with fat checks. (They make me smile a lot)
6.   I like confident people.
7.   I like listening to music. (It keeps me calm, cool, collected and inspired).
8.   I like taking pictures. ( They remind me of my past and help me look to a better future).
9.   I like  watching people play instruments.  (Mostly the violin, I’m intrigued by their beautiful skills and ability to move the hands on the strings swiftly).
10.  I like Beautiful diaries. ( They help me unleash the real deal in me). They’re awesome cause when you go back to read what you wrote in it, you wonder where the words came from then twill dawn on you that you’re  actually the real deal.


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