Just one more


Back in school from my first year in the university i believed that doing my best would earn me a spot at the top of the class and amidst my colleagues at large. I started studying hard, I became diligent and disciplined and I  excelled. As time and months passed by I got engaged in a lot of activities, this activities were not bad but academically I began to lose focus, gradually I lost my place. Thanks be to God and my ever challenging friends and colleagues I picked up and tried to earn back my spot but the disciplined character I lost at a fast rate was not easy to regain back immediately.

I was no longer excelling as I use too, most times I’ll tell myself one more step, more hard work and you’ll be there while my program was coming to completion, I realized that the effort I’m putting in now would have been best done earlier. Twill have better. Let your best effort be now else you’ll be late and disappointed by the outcome.


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