It’s a text, text, text, text, world. I hear a lot of people say the world is a global village and yes it’s true. We communicate to people several miles away with just a message on  social media platforms or any other conventional method.
   For one I love it but it has it negative and positive side. For me as  a person I love texting but I don’t  let it get the better part of me, i. e  I don’t get too caught up in it , such that I forget the real world .
I remember sometimes I have


communicated with several persons and they sometimes fail to decipher  or misunderstand and hence fail to get the message. For instance recently I was chatting with a friend  and I typed Ji  ( I wanted to type Hi) but I had already sent the message before I realized my mistake,  I  later typed Hi as a correction. Fortunately let me not say unfortunately he’s name begins with  J. He replied Ri (my name begins with  R)  and then the next message was Hi and I  wondered within me- He must have thought I wanted to shorten his name or something I can’t quite figure out what this something  is but clearly he hadn’t realized it was a typographical error. So he went with the flow.
     Another issue is emotions; while texting emotions are not clearly expressed or rather put not sincerely expressed for some individuals.  Yeah someone would say, what about the emoji’ ?  The emoji are always available but some use this medium ( emoji ) to miscommunicate information, lying about what they truly intend to express. I try my possible best to be honest and sincere when using online platforms and try to be open and honest. Technology is here to stay, the best we can do to make the world better is to be sincere when making use of this platforms.
  On the positive side it helps convey messages fast .

it’s a Text, Text, Text, Text World


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