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A school model.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The New School.”

While growing up I went to five different schools within the period of the first 10 years of my life. (Funny huh!) My parents where big movers, they were not in the military so that was not the reason, they just loved traveling.

After being in the four walls of different schools and having learnt from them in one way or the other, I’ve come to conclusion that learning is based on individuals passion and ability to participate in whatever program outlined for him/ her.



If I could create a school of my choice, each teacher who also must be a counsellor employed in the school, though specialized in different aspect would have one aim- which is to be able to identify at an early stage the students peculiarities, this include talent, weak spots etc. It’s not like some schools aren’t specialized in that but these would be the sole aim of my designed school.

The curriculum would not only include the normal subjects we have in our schools today, but activities that would stirre the child to his/ her purpose on earth.



I say this because as at my a junior level I never had any focus of my own though my parents had aspirations for me. I didn’t know how to make sense of my future. I didn’t know the courses to take and ones not too. I based my decision on whether the course was simple or difficult. I remember that in immediately I got in to secondary school I opted for the science class cause I could cope better. I chose subjects I preferred and dropped those I didn’t like, they where elective though.

I loved literature so I took the subject and was so scared of Geography cause of the maps. I didn’t think I could draw one or be able to know dimensions and all that geography stuff, I did literature for two years. It was in my final year that my teachers told me that as a science oriented student I had to do Geography instead of Literature … Too late cause there was no passion for the subject at all but did it anyway.

If I had a counsellor who was easily accessible, the counsellor would have advised me in time and all the trouble I had would have been averted.

Knowing a child Peculiarities enables the teacher or parent direct them in the right path. Many kids go to school because it is required of them by the society we live in and at the end of the secondary school the come out lost amidst others without purpose and focus. In my class in the university most of them knew that the degree they studied for would not be used after graduation, only a very few do desired courses and others do it for just degree sake.

Your opinions on these topic are highly welcomed.



Best ways to waste your time

Okay I went for a program and got inspired by these ways to waste one’s life. This points are developed from my note ( I.e what I jotted down)

Worry:~ Worry compounds already known problems, it enlarges the photograph of the problem. In Matt 6:25-34  the word of God makes us  understand that worrying adds no value to our lives except  sorrow and pain, so he assures us of his Faithfulness  towards us as his creature and know all our needs. He makes everything beautiful in his time.


Fear:~ Fear is false experience appearing real. It’s exhibit a great power over those it ensnares, sometimes people  don’t die of the real cause of a thing but die due to fear of that thing. Fear makes one forget the ability of God.  Fear remains Satan’s most effective tool to disarm and deter believers from their goals. In  2 Tim 2:7 God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power… And a sound mind.

Guilt:~ It is a bad feeling caused by knowing or thinking that you have done something bad or wrong. This feeling is followed by shame and condemnation, it keeps believers dwelling in the past. The Bible reminds us that he will not remember our sin

Anger:~ Anger is a strong feeling of being upset or annoyed because of something wrong. It
Slowly burns the individual- anger is danger. Its okay to be angry … Anger can bring hatred and bitterness, it takes a lot of energy to get angry. So let go of that individual from your heart she/he doesn’t even know they’ve got a place in there free them and see how calm and peaceful your heart would be.  James 1: 8… Be slow to wrath, do not let the sun go down on our anger. Eph 4: 26


Foolish Comparison: ~ As individuals we when our neighbors or our friends posses a character or possession we covet that gift then we compare our  lives with them, That’s wrong. We all have different destiny and the time i take to reach mine is different from the time you’ll take to reach yours. Love yourself the way you’re created you’re unique in your own way. No mater how long you waste comparing your self to others you never become automatically like them but this action causes one to venture in to plans that might eventually destroy that individual. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, seek God and  his plans and purpose for you life would be unfurled.

Have a blessed week.


The power For an extraordinary Faith. PART 1

“Faith is the substance of things  hoped for and evidence of things not seen  Heb 11:1”

Last week I went to visit my friend and I had a cut on my hand so we branched a chemist to buy plaster to protect the opening. As I entered the chemist store she looked around and she said if every body was like me, I wonder how this stores would cope  ( Earn their living). She  told me how her lifestyle changed when she heard her pastor thanking God at the beginning of this year saying it’s been 365 days without drugs.


She made up her mind, telling herself she also could live without drugs, cause she’d taken drugs  for even trivial ailments, and now she’s living healthy without drugs. Glory be to God.
Listening to her  I remember what God did for me and I shared it with her, my testimony surprised her so here I am sharing it with you. This testimony is to strengthen you, encourage you  and make you know that Gods faithfulness is  available to all and  salvation is for every one.
When I was on campus, during my first semester exams  I read a whole week with very minimal rest, before now I had been feeling feverish and realized I had symptoms of malaria, but I paid no attention to it and tried my best to study and write the exams  and I prayed that the sickness would come after my exams , it never occurred to me to ask instead for total healing.

My final paper was practical physics I was so weak such that I laid my head before we even started the exams , I wrote that paper by the Grace of God and was carried out of the exam hall back to the hostel. I’m not a drug person naturally, so I didn’t take drugs the symptoms till  I  got worst,  but after the exams I took them , I took them later than i should have because I had emaciated within a space of three days. It was that terrible.

When I recovered, I told God I didn’t want to take drugs anymore and since then  five years ago he answered my prayers cause I don’t even know  the  taste of aspirin or any pain relief drug, though sometimes I fall ill but I remember that I need to hold unto my faith in God I might not get instantly healed but I definitely get better without the drugs. It’s been the Grace of God not because I’m perfect, better, more Righteous…. Nope it’s been his mercies and every day I’m grateful for the gift of life given me.

So I know faith in God does wonders, that’s why I keep trusting him even when things seem unbearable and difficult to understand.

To be continued…

Check back for part two.

Quick Makes 2 – Mini Tote Bags

For your creative mind. ..

Pickle Pie Mama

There are thousands of tutorials for tote bags of all shapes and sizes available on the internet. I will admit to having read some of them, but I have never yet actually followed one. They can be as easy or as complex as you want, and I have at least one from Crazy Little Projects lined up for Christmas presents.

We have been finding it hard to keep on top of clothing organisation during the week for Mini Mister. Maxi is easy as he just needs plenty of clean, dry school uniform. Because I am now back at work, trying to get Mini’s clothes sorted is proving harder than it should be. Some days I only see him for 20-30 minutes before bedtime, so I don’t always have time to sort his clothes for the next day. Since they are in drawers in his room, I can’t do it once…

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Ray Ferrer- The Artist.

I started this blog over a year ago and as I said in my earlier post I deserted it for a long while and returned to it in September just last month.
So looking back on those who started following me I saw this great bloggers and I decided to see who they really are and get to know more of them.

They where few, and to my understanding before anyone  stop by to read any of your post, something must have caught their attention, and if that person decides to follow your blog they must have been intrigued by what they saw and believed in the individual behind the blog .


Photo by Ray Ferrer

This evening I decided to see how I began and check out those who believed In me. Ray Ferrer of the Urbanwallart blog was one of the few ( When I say few I mean few ) Bloggers that believed in me at the start of this blog.


Photo by Ray Ferrer
As i checked out the blog-  Urbanwallart i saw this great artist who traded his MBA for a canvas  and the beautiful work he did, and then i saw his progress medically and finally his death on the 20th of May this year after a struggle with Grade 4  Glioblastoma brain Cancer. Unfortunately I lost my Aunt on the 24th of  May this year to Cervical Cancer. Looking back now, i never met him personally or even  his online presence  and I regret this because I know he and his work would have been an inspiration to me. Ray Ferrer I thank you for believing in me. Even when I did not know you, the knowledge of your death made me hurt deep down within like i knew you, Your legacy lives on.

May your beautiful wife Rhian Ferrer and family be comforted.

Rest in Peace Ray Ferrer.