Recently I came across a book carelessly kept by my younger sibling, it was removed from where I keep my books. When I saw the book I asked my siblings what the book was doing lying around on the table away from it former position. No response was given, I thought it was my sister who took it  because she loves reading. After the enquiries I looked at the book and wondered why I even had it, and what it was all about.
During my leisure I picked it up to read, glancing at the cover page I saw “expecting Adam”  a story of Birth,  Transformation and Unconditional Love by Martha Beck.
  Touched by the title I went on to read the book, to my understanding as the author talked about the  Bunraku masters ( puppeteers ) whom she believed moved things and made wonderful things happen around her cause of the baby she was expecting. She believed she was an atheist but due to her ability to see things unseen by others, she had a change of heart and knew that their is a higher power that controls everything and that power is God. Only if we let him and the Divine beings help us , they can’t help us at all.
   Back to myself , I tell myself that I believe in God, the Holy Spirit, Angels and Divine beings. While reading expecting Adam I realized that I never really relied on them for my welfare and some things in my life , I have asked God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for assistance but not the Angels when they are at my disposal all the time, anywhere it’s just left for me to call for them. I knew then that I had missed a lot of opportunities and carried weights that could have been eased. Here I am determined to seek for their help when I need them cause I know they exist. I am a believer.image            

I believe in angels.


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