I’m an upcoming blogger and  I deserted my blog for a while due to some issues but now I’ve decided to groom it to fruition. If I woke up one day and realize I have over 500000 followers, oh mine, mine, mine my joy would know no bounds.
   My first reaction cause the well of happiness in my heart is filled and over flowing would be- Oh my God! It happened I did it lord it happened, I’m screaming while saying these things.
I’ll run to my Dad, Mum and siblings and tell them these great news. They might not understand the reason for my happiness but that does not stop me from being happy.
  I’ll write a post thanking God for helping me locate a great community like Word Press , my fellow bloggers for believing in me, and seeing this budding blogger emerge beautifully to a magnificent height. Thank you Word Press family for the course you made available for me and other bloggers to take enhancing our writing and blogging ability, thank you for the daily prompts and wonderful tools your team  put together to help me unleash my inner potential thank you.



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