A school model.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The New School.”

While growing up I went to five different schools within the period of the first 10 years of my life. (Funny huh!) My parents where big movers, they were not in the military so that was not the reason, they just loved traveling.

After being in the four walls of different schools and having learnt from them in one way or the other, I’ve come to conclusion that learning is based on individuals passion and ability to participate in whatever program outlined for him/ her.



If I could create a school of my choice, each teacher who also must be a counsellor employed in the school, though specialized in different aspect would have one aim- which is to be able to identify at an early stage the students peculiarities, this include talent, weak spots etc. It’s not like some schools aren’t specialized in that but these would be the sole aim of my designed school.

The curriculum would not only include the normal subjects we have in our schools today, but activities that would stirre the child to his/ her purpose on earth.



I say this because as at my a junior level I never had any focus of my own though my parents had aspirations for me. I didn’t know how to make sense of my future. I didn’t know the courses to take and ones not too. I based my decision on whether the course was simple or difficult. I remember that in immediately I got in to secondary school I opted for the science class cause I could cope better. I chose subjects I preferred and dropped those I didn’t like, they where elective though.

I loved literature so I took the subject and was so scared of Geography cause of the maps. I didn’t think I could draw one or be able to know dimensions and all that geography stuff, I did literature for two years. It was in my final year that my teachers told me that as a science oriented student I had to do Geography instead of Literature … Too late cause there was no passion for the subject at all but did it anyway.

If I had a counsellor who was easily accessible, the counsellor would have advised me in time and all the trouble I had would have been averted.

Knowing a child Peculiarities enables the teacher or parent direct them in the right path. Many kids go to school because it is required of them by the society we live in and at the end of the secondary school the come out lost amidst others without purpose and focus. In my class in the university most of them knew that the degree they studied for would not be used after graduation, only a very few do desired courses and others do it for just degree sake.

Your opinions on these topic are highly welcomed.



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