Can’t always be your way

Me: (Thinking aloud) Oh lord I’ll be glad if I see a free ride now.-∆ Few minutes later someone stops Stranger: Hello sister where are you going don’t you want me to take you?
Me : (smiles) oh no thanks. I’ve got legs I can walk.

( Moves forward a little, still praying silently I wish…  A car  driving in  opposite direction stops)
Me: ( Thinking) Is he lost ? How can he be lost in this school or maybe… Anyway lemme answer him i guess i can help him locate his destination.
Driver : Hello where are you going? Wondering if I could drive you?
Me:  Saw a beautiful kid  starring at me. Shocked, (Thinking- Drive me?) Oh no thanks.

After I left this kind young fellow I replayed the two scenes again and again, and said to myself how can? I asked for a free ride from God and answer came within a space of five minutes and I just couldn’t take it. Why why why?
Now I realized that’s what most of us do, we ask God for a miracle but we fail to see it when it comes. Our eyes are clouded with what we feel is the best miracle, packaged in beautiful wraps in our mind’s eye, such that when the miracle comes, we let it go by us.

God knows what is best for us, and how he presents it might not be the way we picture it that’s why we must be sensitive to the spirit and watchful at all times.



You can’t hear the spirit when it’s noisy around you, when you focus on things you ought not to, when your life is not right with him, when your life is chocked up with activities that pleases the flesh. His voice is still and calm urging, prodding, pleading patiently.

Sense knowledge / self awareness competes with the spirit. Only fools , those who have no sense of self walk in the spirit. Truly you can not walk in the spirit with the knowledge of this world cause the working of the spirit is different and sheds light on paths that seem impossible to thread.

The Holy Spirit is our companion, and should be  our Bestie always.

Have a blessed day.



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