About Page.

Hola I’m Right, welcome to my world where I’m free to be me.

I’m a young budding blogger and an aspiring doctor with a flare for divers language and culture.

As an introvert I’ve had to hold in one too many, had no way of expressing my self until one faithful day I received a gift from a friend while leaving school. This gift was just a note book but one I cherished and it became my companion it helped me through challenging times. It brought so much relief to me after i write in it and since then I haven’t stopped writing.

I’ve had to write out my thoughts and many things I think about life- it pains, it fears, it joy, it happiness and mostly my hope in Christ Jesus. Actually my writing has drawn me closer to him cause I write to him most times.

My heart desire is that you get saved, encouraged, convicted, transformed and determined when you read through my writing.

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