University of Uyo Emerges First Position in the IASSS African Regional Online Anatomy Quiz Competition.

We are glad to inform you all that 2nd African Regional Online Anatomy Quiz Competition took place on 25th July, 2020.
By the Grace of God, Nigeria was represented by 3 students, one from Ekiti State and two people from University of Uyo, Joseph Akpan(400 level) and Etuk Victory(300 level) from Department of Medicine and Surgery, Faculty of Clinical Sciences.
Joseph Akpan emerged the winner in the Cardiothoracic group making Nigeria one of the Winners amongst other countries(Rwanda,Uganda,South Sudan, Zambia, Tanzania,Somalia and others).

The Vice Chancellor, Prof Enefiok Essien(SAN) congratulated the representatives as well as the Students union for making the institution proud. He further encouraged them and promised to always give his full support to other students that would want to represent the institution effectively in various competitions.
Bravo Joseph Akpan,you’re indeed a record breaker!!!

God bless University of Uyo!!!

Nwafor Kenneth(Mr Elite)
SUG Director of Academics, University of Uyo.

Jeopardy! Jeopardy!! Jeopardy !!!


When I think of the word jeopardy,   I see her putting all her treasures in one Beautiful Box. A box exposed to all Tom, Dick and Harry picking and putting  dirt in this box.

The box is beautiful,  shimmering and glittering under the sun with a false Glass cover. She loves and cares for this box because  she believes it can reserve and preserve her treasures.


Lying under  the beautiful skies  she watch  the sun  set and suddenly she’s aware of the danger she’s in, her growing fear was confirmed some of her treasures has been stolen  . She  weeps for the ones lost and in a fleet she hurries to keep the others safe but she’s  too late  cause her beautiful box had a big Crack underneath it beauty and it jeopardized her forever .

   Beside the tree she sat in deep thought  thinking how  this Crack went unnoticed,  she regretted cherishing it the way she did maybe if she didn’t care so much she would have known the fault of this box. Now her most priced treasures are gone because of her  simple life.

Trust no one but God

♡ Right_poc

My definitions of A Friend.

Who is a Friend?
A friend is one you can share your deepest secret with and they wont judge you.


Photo Credit : Quotesgram

A friend is one who knows when you’re joking and laughs about your joke even when it’s about her.

A friend is one you run to when you’re messed up emotionally and otherwise.

A friend is one that you don’t need to raise your guard high up or at all when you’re around them.

A friend  is one that trust you with their life even when you’re a mess.

A Friend is one who’s always free and comfortable around you all the time. They don’t need to hide her flaws cause they trust you.


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A friend knows what you’re capable off and puts your needs before theirs.

A friend corrects you at all times.

A friend gives you chance to improve when your life is miserable.

A friend fights with you but immediately make up with you after  they cool off.


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A friend encourages you and boost your confidence when you’re down.

A friend loves at all times.

After writing these note I wonder how many true friends are out there.

Be a faithful friend to someone today.

Do you really have a friend.
The picture quotes add to my definition of true friends. 🙂
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