Few Lessons From 2019

The year 2019 has been so far an amazing year for me and my family, in this year I have had tremendous growth on the spirit than any other year.

I’ve come to understand that my faith though small must have depth to create the impact God wants for my generation.

I’ve Come to understand that his ways are indeed not my ways and I must trust that he has my best interest at heart.

I’ve come to understand that we breakthrough via prayers and a consistent intimacy with our Creator. “Koinonia”

I’ve come to realize that God is never too late ūüėČ.No matter how long you’ve waited, he’s always right on time for his own. Yeah the waiting period isn’t always sweet but putting up the right attitude while waiting is very important because Bro
James said patience when it’s done with us can make us perfect…Hahaha ūüėāI was in that school for awhile, boy is the curriculum fun? ūüėí No It wasn’t and it isn’t but we’ve got to keep on to get a tangible result.

I’ve come to understand Words are cheap, Action sets the vehicle in motion… people really remember you for how you acted towards them, what you said to them, how you handled situations and not just by what you said to them…

I’ve come to understand that true friendship indeed exist ūü§óūü§ó. Trust me, I does… Just keep praying and believing God, he’ll bring one your way but I just hope you’ll be open enough to let them in .

I’ve always known that God answers prayers but, in this year I’ve been the object of his love ūüėćūüėćand the answers were right on time.

I have a lot to say buh I’ll stop here for got to go back to bed, have a busy day tomorrow.


Jeopardy! Jeopardy!! Jeopardy !!!


When I think of the word jeopardy,   I see her putting all her treasures in one Beautiful Box. A box exposed to all Tom, Dick and Harry picking and putting  dirt in this box.

The box is beautiful,  shimmering and glittering under the sun with a false Glass cover. She loves and cares for this box because  she believes it can reserve and preserve her treasures.


Lying under  the beautiful skies  she watch  the sun  set and suddenly she’s aware of the danger she’s in, her growing fear was confirmed some of her treasures has been stolen  . She  weeps for the ones lost and in a fleet she hurries to keep the others safe but she’s  too late  cause her beautiful box had a big Crack underneath it beauty and it jeopardized her forever .

   Beside the tree she sat in deep thought  thinking how  this Crack went unnoticed,  she regretted cherishing it the way she did maybe if she didn’t care so much she would have known the fault of this box. Now her most priced treasures are gone because of her  simple life.

Trust no one but God

‚ô° Right_poc

A day in my life- Recounting the day.

It was a beautiful day to live, with all my plan for the day I knew it was going to be busy all through and I’ll¬† need all the strength¬† I can, to go through the¬† day.
Sit tight¬† and grab a coffee ‚ėē🍟 or hot soup 🍲 cause you have a long read today. ūüôā


Photo credit: Dreamstime

I woke up, had my quite time¬† and later joined my family for devotion¬† which was really great. Since I was the young lady around¬† I had to prepare breakfast for everyone,¬† I did this with joy though¬† my worries were silently tugging¬† my¬† stomach.¬† I have an interview¬† today and my phone is completely¬† down, today of all days PHCN thought it wise to take¬† the light¬† :?😐 I didn’t think¬† of it cause I didn’t want to get destabilized¬† before my big day so I was positive 👍 that the light would come on before¬† I live home but no it didn’t work out so I left¬† home.

Since¬† today was a significant day in my life I tried to stay positive¬† so I didn’t fret, I went to a friends place who has a cafe and powered up my phone 😆😅. So now I got one major problem solved.

I also had to register for the NYSC online¬† since¬† yesterday¬† was a total¬† waste after spending almost my whole day¬† trying to register all to no avail. Hmmm yeah I was determined¬† to kill two birds with one stone. I didn’t want to go back home unhappy cause I couldn’t¬† register¬† so I waited¬† till I finally¬† registered¬† though¬† I couldn’t¬† finish immediately, I rushed¬† for my interview.

And here’s where it gets intresting. …
Rushing¬† to plaza¬† to take a Keke down to IBB – Ibrahim¬† Babangida Avenue¬† the tricycle¬† men told me I wouldn’t¬† get one there so I should enter another going close then drop and take another. …I told them I was going to get one so they mocked and laughed at me…not up to two minutes¬† I saw¬† one. E huh I was happy. . So I told one of the tricycle guy who said I wasn’t going to get any. Hey see I saw one :D:D:D he looked at me and said yeah go.

*I’ve heard¬† people who encountered fraudsters before but never¬† have¬† I encountered¬† one.*

Sitting quitely¬† there was this other¬† guy who was there and was making¬† a call or rather¬† acted like he was making¬† a call, all of a sudden¬† he stopped¬† and asked where St. LUKE’S¬† Hospital¬† was. Suprisingly we were going¬† to the opposite direction¬† so I told him¬† he had to go back. So he insisted on stopping¬† after he stopped¬† he brought out a foreign currency¬† and wanted to pay the Keke man but later discovered and brought out #500¬† Note¬† then said he was a stranger¬† in town. He then asked if it was still #800 that would be charged if he charted¬† a Keke to his destination. Then I knew he’d been cheated¬† someway so I asked him where he was coming from,¬† he said from the park and he was charged¬† that amount to get to Plaza.

On hearing this I took pity on him and advised him not to act as a stranger so people won’t exploit¬† him. ** By the way the Keke man didn’t collect¬† his money¬† I thought that was the kindest thing to do for a stranger. ** so Mr stranger¬† started walking off then the the scene started ___ This Keke guy¬† started talking he¬† drove towards Mr S. and asked him if he would be patient he could take him to his destination after he’s dropped¬† me off, Mr S. Agreed¬† so he hopped¬† into the Keke and we started our journey.

As the man drove¬† he later took a road he shouldn’t have taken¬† since he had to drop¬† me off so I brought it to his attention and¬† he said ohhh sorry about that I forgot¬† but don’t worry I’ll¬† take¬† you through the other route ( then I didn’t smell anyhing fishy ) next I here Mr S complaing and saying we, I and the driver were conving to cheat him/Decieve¬† him/ Exploit¬† him *imagine that * so to calm him I tried to explain to him what was going on and that he shouldn’t worry¬† cause he was in good hands. * in my church¬† mind*

Then The driver told me in my language to ask him where he was from and what was he doing¬† here in our country ** this driver¬† knew how to speak English quite well cause we spoke English before¬† I entered his Keke¬† and after ** So thinking¬† and asking myself why this driver couldn’t ask him himself¬† to satisfy my curiosity¬† I asked¬† Mr S. Mr S said he¬† was from Burkina Faso¬† but his mother was from Guatemala¬† …so so so but he came to sell Goods in our country¬† at the trade fair….*I never heard of any trade fair recently ** So the driver¬† asked me to ask him what kind of goods he sells and what¬† he¬† would¬† do if “we” brought customers for him??? I took note of the drivers¬† personalization¬† of (we)but still asked Mr S.

so Mr S. Responded and told us of his goods and said if we brought customers for him he would give us¬† shoes, gold etc not like I was interested in all this but I knew things at the trade fair would be cheap¬† so I asked him for his¬† number or card so I could¬† reach him and request for supplies¬† if need be but he didn’t have any ** he said his cards finished¬† yesterday *lie* I noticed¬† what he was doing he had a phone but he didn’t have a number **😦😮**¬† He began to tell us a story about a lady who cheated him and asked us if we were going to do the same.

All this while I just wanted to get to my destination  in time for my appointment.  So he said he had his goods somewhere and it happened to be close to my destination  so he told the driver to park * *did I tell you he gave the driver a watch to encourage him to bring customers **  Far off since the police where guiding there goods  *he said other people too where here from his home country for the trade fair**


Photo credit: Dreamstime

All of a sudden I sensed their deceit  I put one and two together.  So I told the driver not to park he should get me to my destination then he could come back and strike a deal with Mr. S. Now Mr S. Got angry  he started acting weird  so he said he would know if we were Christians if he we got his question correctly. He asked what God used to create  the flesh  * even a little  child  of 4 from a Christian  home would know that** So with digust  we both chorused the answer  -clay.

Next he did the weirdest thing by putting¬† his hand¬† in his pocket and brought¬† out¬† clay * so he says but I saw nothing¬† in his hand**¬†¬† he said the sand was from his home country he showed it to the driver and I ( I saw nothing¬† though) then he picked up sand from the Keke and acted like he mixed two things together¬† and touched the back of his hand¬† the Keke man’s¬† hand and brought¬† it to touch mine so I shouted at him to stop this act and asked him¬† if he must do all that before he trust anyone .

So here I was with a weird Keke man and a stranger¬† who I now realize are partners 🙊 So he said I shouldn’t step my leg on the ground if not… I didn’t wait to hear the rest so I turned and told him he didn’t know whom he was dealing with. That I am the daughter of the King and he can’t mess around with me so he shouldn’t waste¬† his time so he got angry and said things I didn’t bother waiting to listen to cause I crossed the road and walked in for my¬† interview.

It was a day that should have gone worst¬† than I could imagine¬† but God’s Grace was sufficient¬† for me and all the hitches didn’t dull my sparkle cause I came out happy fulfilled¬† and wondered why I was ever worried¬† to start with.
In all it was a GRACEFULL day 🙌🙌👐

Hey I know you’ve had one GRACEFUL day or one you thought wouldn’t¬† end well but turned out better than you expectated … I’d¬† appreciate it if you share¬† it in the Comment¬† box.

Grace¬† my day with you wonderful comments¬† 😆😆

My definitions of A Friend.

Who is a Friend?
A friend is one you can share your deepest secret with and they wont judge you.


Photo Credit : Quotesgram

A friend is one who knows when you’re joking and laughs about your joke even when it’s about her.

A friend is one you run to when you’re messed up emotionally and otherwise.

A friend is one that you don’t need to raise your guard high up or at all when you’re around them.

A friend  is one that trust you with their life even when you’re a mess.

A Friend is one who’s always free and comfortable around you all the time. They don’t need to hide her flaws cause they trust you.


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A friend knows what you’re capable off and puts your needs before theirs.

A friend corrects you at all times.

A friend gives you chance to improve when your life is miserable.

A friend fights with you but immediately make up with you after  they cool off.


Photo Credit : Quotesgram
A friend encourages you and boost your confidence when you’re down.

A friend loves at all times.

After writing these note I wonder how many true friends are out there.

Be a faithful friend to someone today.

Do you really have a friend.
The picture quotes add to my definition of true friends. ūüôā
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Align yourself to God’s purpose.

Waking up this beautiful Sunday morning I thanked God for it and was glad to take on the day’s activities. I hurried to prepare food so my family would eat when they come back from church and all of a sudden i felt the urge to stay back after everyone had left for church. I struggled with the urge and told myself maybe i should go late instead of staying back completely.

I guess the devil was listening,  so I overcomed my feelings and hurried out the door to Church.
Normally I hate being the last person to leave  the house so i don’t lock the doors, ( i don’t know why but i hate locking doors- I find it tiring ) but unfortunately i was the last to leave the house.

In my hurry i locked all the doors inside and the last door which was the front door was left.


After i had locked the door i tried to pull the key out i couldn’t pull it out
( FYI : I pulled the key out from inside the house and brought it out to lock the door ) i tried doing that for over ten minutes but i couldn’t pull this key from the door and I told myself that this was the devil’s strategy of delaying me. I ran to my cousins house and asked him to come help me with the door and he looked at me and said do you think i have the strength to get the key out? I told him i don’t think it needs strength.

Coming over the house he just turned the key and within a few seconds pulled it out. I was amazed and asked him how he did it, he told me the key just needs to lie flat. I struggled cause i made  the key to lie straight thinking i  was right and  I struggled with it for so


Look again don’t you think you’re putting the key wrongly? I know that’s how you see others put it, yes that’s how you use to put it before and the door opens up for you. Now that isn’t working it’s time for you to try a new method, a new and perfect way this way is Jesus. Other means had worked for you before, all this while the right and best means laid still waiting for you to come through it but you preferred the short cut.

Struggling with God’s methods would get you no where align your life to his  purpose and the your doors would open smoothly.

The best solution is to ask He has given us an open check all you need to do is to write what you need. He is willing to guide you through life’s journey, through the pain, loss etc. No luxury is promised but his ever abiding presence guiding you every where and at the  end of the day a Hope of everlasting life ( eternal life ) all you need to do is let him help you and see how  perfect your life would  be,  don’t get glued to your opinions thinking they’re the best open up to him and you’ll be surprised at the out come.

Have a great week God bless you.

@ princessofcreation1

He loves you to the moon and beyond the earth.

As a young girl who loves her independence, but still living under her parent I expect and believe my parents should know what I want, when I want it and how much it should be. I failed to understand that yeah they’re my parents but they’ve got other thinks to think about and if I need anything I must ask before they know what I want.


“But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not, then; you are of more value than many sparrows.” – Matt 10 : 30 -31.

Living on earth we definitely encounter issues that’ll sway us, making us wonder if God is really there for us, if he even exist at all. We look around us and ask the question WHY? But it seems like no one is out there listening.

The word of God is our reassuring hope, which reminds of the heavenly father that Care’s for us and knows our needs no matter how personal it is. Unlike our earthly parents and relation. He knows when we need them and what time our needs and want would be useful to us. He cares for us that’s why he shows it in all the plan he’s got for us.


How beautiful they look! ūüôā

You ask me, how do you know he cares? I know cause if I had an only child and I loved that child so so much I wouldn’t kill him for anyone’s sake no matter how special. God did otherwise, he sent his only “Begotten” Son Jesus Christ cause you are special to him. This son came and was  beaten and wounded  by us humans. Meanwhile his coming was to save us, we pierced him, spat on him, tore his precious cloth ( I wonder how much his garment worth for them to share it among themselves – just thinking ) eh eh we made a mess of one’s only son whom he loved. How terrible!!!

Yet still he loved us more. He’s ready to give us all we ask and all we want but we refuse to acknowledge him, we keep nailing his son back at the cross, spitting on him, and denying his power by our actions, our words, our thoughts etc. And he’s pleading silently and fervently come to me and I’ll take those worries and fear away.


Don’t ignore that voice come to Jesus and be saved. All will be well.

  ūüôā  ūüôā  ūüôā

@ princessofcreation1

My writing space

She’s old fashioned you may say…
I’ve tried many times to work directly with my phone using different writing tools ( my best is simplenote) but it worked for only awhile. I’m still trying to get used to it.


While I’m trying, I still prefer my pen and paper. I prefer writing on a clean sheet using a light ball point pen or a smooth pen.  I feel it helps the writing flow easily ūüôā

A thick pen or a brown sheet only dampens my mood and makes my writing terrible. I have no idea why it’s that way.
After writing I type the words on my phone.


My writing ability is not affected by my surrounding, I write wherever and   whenever  I’m inspired if I’ve got my pen and note pad with me.

What is normal ?

Back in secondary school i travelled from the¬† north down to the south I plowed the major high way with either my parent or I go¬† alone. When I was much younger ( 0- 12 ) we would take the night bus or my dad would drive us all. The last time we drove as a family down south, was for my grandma’s burial, while coming back we saw a car whose driver was in a haste the driver tried to over take us , he finally got ahead of us,¬†¬† a wide gap was between us due to the speed but after a while we saw that same car in a terrible accident didn’t think anyone survived.

Before I left for school I  and my cousin who was staying with us  planned to attend a birthday of my little cousin in another state and also  wanted to use the opportunity to see other family members over there. On a faithful evening my mum called me and told me that my cousin was no more. I was in shock wondering, thinking, wishing I could have stopped whatever killed her if I was there. I thought about the plans we made and her beautiful face and wished it was all a lie (her death )

Recently I had a story of young man who invited his lady friend to his house¬† so they could have fun ( so called ) and she came, he needed some money he was with his ATM and he asked his lady friend to come along so she did. They both entered a bike together, not long after they got in the road their bike was hit and this young vibrant creatures who had great plans for the night and period they’ll be together where rushed to the hospital, the lady in a coma and the man bashed up¬† too bad.

Every time we find ourselves alive we make plans for tomorrow, we forget that life is like a vapour which appears for a while then vanishes away and we ought to commit our ways into God’s hands.¬† James 4 : 12 – 14


You think it’s normal to drink water with your mouth and not choke, you think it’s normal to sit up straight without complaining of back ache, you think if you eat right you’ll live long – isn’t that what our doctors or medical personnel tell us (no offence I’m one of them ),¬† we move around daily we see our relations and neighbor around us we don’t even acknowledge them or drop a smile to cheer them up. It doesn’t even occur to us that we might not be here tomorrow¬† and our legacy is what we’ll be remembered for.


Do you know that many out there had thought the same way and some where even better in health, wealth, had great qualifications in life but today they are either dead, leaving In regret crying had i known, wishing they could turn the hands of time.

I’m here to remind you of a few things and to tell you to be GRATEFUL . Be grateful for the life you have because it’s a gift and a precious one at that so it’s not normal it’s by his GRACE you’re alive today.


His love is what’s sustaining you, you must not have known that before. He went to Calvary for your sake redeeming you with his blood. Oh how more can one express his love for you if not by this sacrifice. Just so you know there was no condition¬† so his love is unconditional, he cares so much for you what¬† you can do to appreciate him, is give your life to him acknowledged his presence in your life. Its unbelievable but his love is for real and he’s willing to give you more than you ask him when you come.

Have a great week.