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Daily Prompt: Retreat



It has been a really busy year for me.

Looking back from the beginning of this year i realize i started the year excited, hopeful, expecting, anticipating and all. As January ended my i was discouraged and down as things did not work out as i expected it to work out.Then came February, March and June and things started working out well and even better than expected. In those few months i thought….



Hey ūüôā life is good when you’re with God cause he got your back. Then came July the long awaited ¬†month, lol … this was the month i was going to go for service FINALLY, though the excitement had long waned i still had to go so i went

The camping experience was wonderful and i enjoyed it, but it was soon over before i blinked my eyes and i was posted to my place of primary assignment. With each passing day i learnt a new thing, my wisdom boat expanded and the pains and troubles i encountered only stayed to re-shape and mold me re-branding me into a STRONGER individual.



In the few months past i met great minds that contributed to my development and i am for ever grateful to them. No matter how little their contribution maybe  i am grateful.

In all i am grateful to God for his love and presence, though sometimes it felt distance but i know in those moment of silence he was teaching me to learn to listen to him no matter how crowded my head or environment was. It was your arms that shielded me from the devourer and his armies.

via Daily Prompt: Retreat

Sitting now to recount how my year has been so for, i have come to know that within this past one year i have grown a great deal. I have added years and knowledge that i couldn’t acquire in 4 years . I have learnt new things and today i stand tall to say i am wiser and more knowledgeable than i have been ¬†in all my years since i reached the age of accountability.


A day in my life- Recounting the day.

It was a beautiful day to live, with all my plan for the day I knew it was going to be busy all through and I’ll¬† need all the strength¬† I can, to go through the¬† day.
Sit tight¬† and grab a coffee ‚ėē🍟 or hot soup 🍲 cause you have a long read today. ūüôā


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I woke up, had my quite time¬† and later joined my family for devotion¬† which was really great. Since I was the young lady around¬† I had to prepare breakfast for everyone,¬† I did this with joy though¬† my worries were silently tugging¬† my¬† stomach.¬† I have an interview¬† today and my phone is completely¬† down, today of all days PHCN thought it wise to take¬† the light¬† :?😐 I didn’t think¬† of it cause I didn’t want to get destabilized¬† before my big day so I was positive 👍 that the light would come on before¬† I live home but no it didn’t work out so I left¬† home.

Since¬† today was a significant day in my life I tried to stay positive¬† so I didn’t fret, I went to a friends place who has a cafe and powered up my phone 😆😅. So now I got one major problem solved.

I also had to register for the NYSC online¬† since¬† yesterday¬† was a total¬† waste after spending almost my whole day¬† trying to register all to no avail. Hmmm yeah I was determined¬† to kill two birds with one stone. I didn’t want to go back home unhappy cause I couldn’t¬† register¬† so I waited¬† till I finally¬† registered¬† though¬† I couldn’t¬† finish immediately, I rushed¬† for my interview.

And here’s where it gets intresting. …
Rushing¬† to plaza¬† to take a Keke down to IBB – Ibrahim¬† Babangida Avenue¬† the tricycle¬† men told me I wouldn’t¬† get one there so I should enter another going close then drop and take another. …I told them I was going to get one so they mocked and laughed at me…not up to two minutes¬† I saw¬† one. E huh I was happy. . So I told one of the tricycle guy who said I wasn’t going to get any. Hey see I saw one :D:D:D he looked at me and said yeah go.

*I’ve heard¬† people who encountered fraudsters before but never¬† have¬† I encountered¬† one.*

Sitting quitely¬† there was this other¬† guy who was there and was making¬† a call or rather¬† acted like he was making¬† a call, all of a sudden¬† he stopped¬† and asked where St. LUKE’S¬† Hospital¬† was. Suprisingly we were going¬† to the opposite direction¬† so I told him¬† he had to go back. So he insisted on stopping¬† after he stopped¬† he brought out a foreign currency¬† and wanted to pay the Keke man but later discovered and brought out #500¬† Note¬† then said he was a stranger¬† in town. He then asked if it was still #800 that would be charged if he charted¬† a Keke to his destination. Then I knew he’d been cheated¬† someway so I asked him where he was coming from,¬† he said from the park and he was charged¬† that amount to get to Plaza.

On hearing this I took pity on him and advised him not to act as a stranger so people won’t exploit¬† him. ** By the way the Keke man didn’t collect¬† his money¬† I thought that was the kindest thing to do for a stranger. ** so Mr stranger¬† started walking off then the the scene started ___ This Keke guy¬† started talking he¬† drove towards Mr S. and asked him if he would be patient he could take him to his destination after he’s dropped¬† me off, Mr S. Agreed¬† so he hopped¬† into the Keke and we started our journey.

As the man drove¬† he later took a road he shouldn’t have taken¬† since he had to drop¬† me off so I brought it to his attention and¬† he said ohhh sorry about that I forgot¬† but don’t worry I’ll¬† take¬† you through the other route ( then I didn’t smell anyhing fishy ) next I here Mr S complaing and saying we, I and the driver were conving to cheat him/Decieve¬† him/ Exploit¬† him *imagine that * so to calm him I tried to explain to him what was going on and that he shouldn’t worry¬† cause he was in good hands. * in my church¬† mind*

Then The driver told me in my language to ask him where he was from and what was he doing¬† here in our country ** this driver¬† knew how to speak English quite well cause we spoke English before¬† I entered his Keke¬† and after ** So thinking¬† and asking myself why this driver couldn’t ask him himself¬† to satisfy my curiosity¬† I asked¬† Mr S. Mr S said he¬† was from Burkina Faso¬† but his mother was from Guatemala¬† …so so so but he came to sell Goods in our country¬† at the trade fair….*I never heard of any trade fair recently ** So the driver¬† asked me to ask him what kind of goods he sells and what¬† he¬† would¬† do if “we” brought customers for him??? I took note of the drivers¬† personalization¬† of (we)but still asked Mr S.

so Mr S. Responded and told us of his goods and said if we brought customers for him he would give us¬† shoes, gold etc not like I was interested in all this but I knew things at the trade fair would be cheap¬† so I asked him for his¬† number or card so I could¬† reach him and request for supplies¬† if need be but he didn’t have any ** he said his cards finished¬† yesterday *lie* I noticed¬† what he was doing he had a phone but he didn’t have a number **😦😮**¬† He began to tell us a story about a lady who cheated him and asked us if we were going to do the same.

All this while I just wanted to get to my destination  in time for my appointment.  So he said he had his goods somewhere and it happened to be close to my destination  so he told the driver to park * *did I tell you he gave the driver a watch to encourage him to bring customers **  Far off since the police where guiding there goods  *he said other people too where here from his home country for the trade fair**


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All of a sudden I sensed their deceit  I put one and two together.  So I told the driver not to park he should get me to my destination then he could come back and strike a deal with Mr. S. Now Mr S. Got angry  he started acting weird  so he said he would know if we were Christians if he we got his question correctly. He asked what God used to create  the flesh  * even a little  child  of 4 from a Christian  home would know that** So with digust  we both chorused the answer  -clay.

Next he did the weirdest thing by putting¬† his hand¬† in his pocket and brought¬† out¬† clay * so he says but I saw nothing¬† in his hand**¬†¬† he said the sand was from his home country he showed it to the driver and I ( I saw nothing¬† though) then he picked up sand from the Keke and acted like he mixed two things together¬† and touched the back of his hand¬† the Keke man’s¬† hand and brought¬† it to touch mine so I shouted at him to stop this act and asked him¬† if he must do all that before he trust anyone .

So here I was with a weird Keke man and a stranger¬† who I now realize are partners 🙊 So he said I shouldn’t step my leg on the ground if not… I didn’t wait to hear the rest so I turned and told him he didn’t know whom he was dealing with. That I am the daughter of the King and he can’t mess around with me so he shouldn’t waste¬† his time so he got angry and said things I didn’t bother waiting to listen to cause I crossed the road and walked in for my¬† interview.

It was a day that should have gone worst¬† than I could imagine¬† but God’s Grace was sufficient¬† for me and all the hitches didn’t dull my sparkle cause I came out happy fulfilled¬† and wondered why I was ever worried¬† to start with.
In all it was a GRACEFULL day 🙌🙌👐

Hey I know you’ve had one GRACEFUL day or one you thought wouldn’t¬† end well but turned out better than you expectated … I’d¬† appreciate it if you share¬† it in the Comment¬† box.

Grace¬† my day with you wonderful comments¬† 😆😆