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I’m me when I write.

I write because I can’t keep it all in.”

I wake up everyday with a desire and  hope to achieve my purpose before the sun goes down, despite the routine activities, I strive to meet up to the challenge. Life is full of surprises and yes they don’t fail to pop up when we’re not expecting them too.

After a long day I remember the activities of the day, replaying it over and over again i realise I must share it with someone, someone is out there who needs to be encouraged, who needs to know that they’re not the only one going through that alone,  someone that needs cheering up, someone giving up, someone giving in.

I try to just scribble something down for the sake of writing but immediately my pen touches my diary I can’t keep it all in, I write till my heart’s well is satisfied with the content   it has poured out.

Writing sets my emotions free.


When I’m writing I’m no other but me, I surprise my self when I go back to read what I’ve written and it’s like some other person else where wrote it all down.

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